Our Director


Kia Lampe-Onnerud

Silk’n Sounds’ dynamic director, has over 25 years of chorus leadership and musical performance experience across a wide range of genres. She has worked with groups of varying skill abilities and raised the level of several barbershop groups—Silk’n Sounds included—in both performances and competitions. In addition to her love for a cappella, Kia brings to Silk’n Sounds a deep understanding of jazz harmonies and rhythms.

Kia carefully plans each rehearsal and chooses the repertoire to support continuous learning. As singers become more skilled, she introduces more challenging pieces that build on these acquired skills. She designs warmup exercises that coach chorus members toward better vocal production, breath control, phrasing and expression. Rehearsals often include breaking into smaller groups or “sectionals” (bass, baritone, lead and tenor) to focus on individual voice parts and improve overall musicianship.

Kia is also a very talented jazz dance master, and infuses some of our “up tunes” with fun and creative choreography. Kia’s goal is to inspire singers and delight audiences, and it shows!